DigiPe introduces “double QR” to make digital payment methods safer


Grappling with difficult times amid Covid-19, the world was battling the virus in many social distancing and contactless mechanisms, but those weren’t the only things replacing normal lifestyles. In these trying times, one thing that kept people amused was the internet and all people of India witnessed the digital economy transition that followed. Now that people prefer to stay indoors and avoid physical exposure, online transactions have become the ideal way to make payments. The digital payment industry uses solutions from banks, fintech and government to make the digital payment experience as simple and secure as possible, built around a customer-centric approach. Taking advantage of the existing situation, many fintech companies have emerged, however, very few are providing a 360-degree all-round solution to the clients and one such name is DigiPe Fintech Private Limited, an emerging name in the segment of Neo-banking sector .

DigiPe Fintech Private Limited offered its users to make a secure transaction using a double QR, which works on the idea of ​​not letting the transaction fail. The systematic arrangement suggests that if the first QR signal fails to complete an ongoing transaction, the second QR will ensure that the payment is processed. With the introduction of this new concept, DigiPe has managed to earn the trust of a majority of the Indian population who use the online payment gateway. DigiPe has carved a niche around itself by having over 200 corporate customers, over 27,000 merchant relationships and over 3 million users, as well as a score of over 17,000 app downloads, more than 50 employees, seven banking partners and more than 150 billion transactions of value per year. .

In such a powerful field, DigiPe’s Business Banking division confirms that all banking and financial transaction processes are constructive. India’s leading Double QR digital payment service provider, DigiPe offers an extensive range of Neo banking services to meet the payment offerings expected from merchants and customers throughout their process. At DigiPe, innovation has always been the top priority. The two newly launched QR code services would now be available in several states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Telangana. Going forward, DigiPe will endeavor to take the concise initiative to expand to pan-India level. This single platform leverages a number of customer-centric services from many renowned organizations, acting as a solitary stop for services at preferred locations.

DigiPe, based in Vizag, facilitates all banking and financial transaction services. Not only that, the platform also dedicates USPs like exciting cashbacks, fast onboarding, safe payment methods, unlimited settlements, instant payouts, and hassle-free accounting to its users. Speaking of the same, brand founder Sankar Rao said, “In this competitive world, what makes our platform, DigiPe, unique and useful is the fact that we are dedicated to solving and securing payment methods via a technology that induces the ‘double QR method’. Our goal is to solve transaction-related problems caused by internet connections and bank haggling by providing a simple and lasting solution for everyone.”

DigiPe also includes built-in firewalls and multi-layered validations to ensure fast and secure transactions. DigiPe’s necessary principles and beliefs help encourage employees to function as a team and display a united front deck. Dynamism, integrity, gender equality, innovation, professionalism and ethics are core values ​​that allow the company to easily make decisions and practice teamwork. DigiPe, in the near future, plans to become a leading name in the neo-banking industry by expanding its operations across the country.


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