Frightened government workers march in Jammu to demand transfer to home districts


The march took place from the Press Club to Ambedkar Chowk.


Amid targeted killings in Kashmir, hundreds of government employees stationed in the valley staged a march here on Thursday to demand their immediate transfer to their respective home districts. The protesters carried placards in support of their demand and pictures of their colleague Rajni Bala, a teacher who was shot dead by terrorists at a school in Kulgam district, south Kashmir, and chanted slogans demanding a relocation.

The march took place from the Press Club to Ambedkar Chowk.

Gathered under the banner of ‘All Jammu-based Reserved Categories Employees Association’, protesters said they would not return to duty as the government ‘failed’ to stop targeted killings and provide them with a safe atmosphere .

“Almost 8,000 employees from different districts of Jammu are working in Kashmir under the inter-district transfer policy and we are not going to come back and resume our duties in the current atmosphere. We have been serving there for 15 years but we we feel insecure and tense given the upsurge in targeted killings,” Ramesh Chand, a teacher stationed in Anantnag district, south Kashmir, told reporters.

He said they had also come to pay their respects to Ms Bala and demand that the government guarantee free education to her underage daughter and secure her a government job.

“We are frustrated with the deteriorating security situation because no one, including Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, is safe there. Anyone can fall victim to terrorists at any time,” he said. he said, referring to the latest murder of bank manager Vijay Kumar of Rajasthan in Kulgam. neighborhood Thursday.

Another employee, Anjana Bala, a teacher stationed in Kupwara district, North Kashmir, said: “We don’t need accommodation or promotion from the government, we just want our transfer. of the valley because ensuring the safety of every employee is not possible. “There is no safer place in the valley and we are not prepared to accept the government’s proposal to relocate to the valley,” she said, adding that they have never met. problem on the part of the inhabitants who have always supported them.

She said if the government could abolish the decade-old Section 370 in August 2019, what was stopping them from making minor changes to transfer policy and relocating them to their districts? of origin.

“We did not support the people of Kashmir who were against the revocation of Article 370. They were right and today we regret our decision because nothing has changed on the ground except that we lost the special status “, she said.

Another teacher said they went there to earn a living and not to settle there.

“The government says they will relocate us to safer places, but even after that if anything untoward happens who will be responsible. Today a bank manager was shot dead in his secure office, while that recently a Kashmiri Pandit employee was shot dead in his office,” he said.

He said they had lost faith in the administration and would not return to the valley to be scapegoated.

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