Meta finally unlocks easy WhatsApp chat history transfer between iOS and Android


WhatsApp users wishing to transfer their chat history from an Apple iPhone to an Android smartphone, and vice versa, will finally be able to do so. Meta, the instant messaging app’s parent company, has removed any remaining obstacles or limitations that have hampered the process in the past.

The majority of Android smartphone users who owned a Samsung-branded device had the ability to extract all their WhatsApp data from an iPhone. But the installation is now available for Android smartphones made by other companies.

WhatsApp posted a Tweet from its official Twitter handle confirming the ability to transfer chat history from Apple iPhone to Android smartphone, and vice versa. The app promises users “the freedom to switch to and from your favorite devices.” :

Transferring a complete WhatsApp chat history has never been an easy or straightforward process. Likewise, moving other personal information from iPhone to Android smartphone was not easy either. However, Apple has a Move to iOS app on the Google Play Store, and Google has a Switch to Android app on the Apple App Store.

WhatsApp relies heavily on the Move to iOS app to transfer chat history from Android smartphone to iPhone. The process involves downloading the app on the Android smartphone and then following the on-screen instructions displayed on the source and destination devices. After the data is transferred, users can open WhatsApp on the target iPhone and log in using the same phone number they used on the Android device.

It is important to note that the Move to iOS app will only be able to move personal messages. It will not be able to transfer peer-to-peer payment messages. Also, the transferred data does not immediately go to or through cloud storage.

WhatsApp has not yet offered the procedure to move chat history from iPhone to Android device. Google recently updated the Switch to Android app, and the same is available on Apple’s app store. Therefore, it is quite possible that the procedure to move WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android smartphone is not much different. But the device should be running Android 12 or above.


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