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You need to be able to collect payments from your consumers if you run an online store.

This is the center of your whole business. Your payment gateway should be a top priority, whether you already have an online store or are building one from scratch.

This article will help you choose the best payment methods for your business.


Everything a person needs to start selling products and services online is available with Shopify.

All-in-one e-commerce marketing solution, online store builder and payment processor. Shopify is great for anyone starting new stores because everything is included and works so well together.

Once business owners such as an e-commerce retail store experience the simplicity of Shopify, those already using another e-commerce platform might be persuaded to switch.

When you create an account, Shopify Payments is enabled. Major credit cards and other digital payments can be accepted immediately and hassle-free, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay, Pay Appleand others.

Each transaction is automatically tracked and displayed. Tracking your sales, payments, and monthly stats only takes a small amount of work.

Every Shopify plan includes Shopify Payments. Another advantage of Shopify is that when you use Shopify Payments, there are no transaction fees.

Payment deposit

Due to its membership fee-based pricing structure and fully open pricing, Payment Depot bills itself as the “Costco of Credit Card Processing”.

Instead of charging you for each transaction, Payment Depot uses a single membership charge. A membership package can be purchased based on the total cost of transactions you make each year.

Unlike many payment processing companies, which may charge you a portion of your transaction amount, this company operates under a separate business model.

If you perform a significant number of financial transactions each year, Payment Depot should provide you with significant fee savings. If your business is doing well, Payment Depot is definitely a great option for you.


The majority of business owners are already familiar with the name PayPal. For ease of use, reliability and security, the company’s reputation speaks for itself.

PayPal is trusted by hundreds of millions of people who use it regularly for their businesses, including businesses in the retail industry, travel industry, entertainment industry such as streaming and online game companies like the best new jersey online casinosand more.

That’s why, if you’re just starting out, PayPal will be your preferred payment method. Besides being widely used, PayPal is also relatively easy to integrate into almost any online store.

The PayPal button can ease your customers’ worries if you don’t have a well-known brand yet. They are aware that PayPal takes care of their security.


If you have physical stores and want to start selling online, Square is a fantastic option. It’s simple: it is renowned for its excellent PoS system, which combines smoothly with the payment method options.

It is therefore a fantastic choice if you intend to build physical stores in addition to your online store.

Additionally, Square has an excellent e-commerce website builder. They don’t skimp on the builder either, giving you a ton of beautiful drag-and-drop themes that let you design the ultimate eCommerce store without any coding experience.

Comparing Square’s pricing to the other methods on our list, it’s reasonable.


Due to its versatility, Bandaged is one of the most popular payment options available today. It’s a fantastic option for on-demand marketplaces, subscription services, and e-commerce stores.

Therefore, it is definitely something those running businesses with multiple operations and departments should consider.

However, their developer friendliness is where they really excel. They provide great tools that allow any team to adapt their payment system if they wish.

An easy-to-use API, library for coding languages, and deep integrations are all you’ll need to give developers the best possible experience with Stripe.

You can set up recurring payments from your customers using Stripe, which is another great feature. Both in-person and online payments are supported.

You can therefore install a Stripe PoS system in addition to the gateway on your e-commerce site if you already have a physical store. This way you can maintain consistency in both markets.

If you can’t get paid, your e-commerce site is useless.

However, since each of your customers has a distinct preferred payment method, you need a payment gateway and shopping cart solution that can meet everyone’s requirements.

All of our suggestions are the best choices with reasonable costs.


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